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Meet the Mixer:

Jon Mattingly

Songwriter / Producer / Mixer / Engineer

Songwriter/Producer/Mixer/Engineer Jon Mattingly has experience working both sides of the production/performance spectrum. After attending EKU as a Guitar Performance Major, he toured intensely in a Louisville, Ky. based rock band hitting the East Coast and Mid-Western regions for 8 years.  He has worked production with Orlando Florida’s FFL Records and Bobby Burns from SoulFly/Road Runner Records. After deciding to retire from the “rock star” road life, Jon went back to hitting the tools and books and received his Audio Engineer Certifications from Long Island Recording Company, Audio Institute of American, and a BS in Business Management from MCU.  Now the audio fixation has reached a new level, and he has opened the doors to American Recording Company to share his expertise and excitement for the world of music.

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