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ARC Film Division to hit the Louisville Zoo

At American Recording Company, we never monkey around. We take our business very seriously…of course I know this is a great day but not a monkey just deal with the pun. Awesome meeting today at the zoo super excited to work on this amazing collaborative project.

We will be shooting a documentary/promotional video for the Louisville Zoo's orangutan exhibit.

ARC Film Division: An Epic Music Video "Blame"

ARC Film Division producing a huge epic music video for rock band Poetry of the Dead featuring their single "Blame". This video has rock music, sword fights, blood and everything that screams EPIC! Filming is completed and off to editing we go. The final product will be posted shortly for all to see!

The Decades at ARC

The Decades fills the studio air with a little classic rock, soul and R&B. Laying down a new 16 track CD!

Drum Tracking Heart of Kings

Metal band extraordinaire Heart of Kings in today laying down more drum tracks for their new upcoming album.

ARC Film Division: Video Shoot Practice

Sword fighting at ARC?? YES! Today our studio room was turning into a dueling room. The ARC Film Department is creating/practicing scenes for an upcoming music video shoot happening next week!

ARC Film Division: Ari Mac Music Video Production Day

Here's a short recap from our production shoot date for Ari Mac's new music video! We're editing the footage now and will have the video release very soon so stay posted!

"Broke As A Joke" RETURNS for a Limited Time!

Hello fine friends! With the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons rounding in I thought I'd do a little something to help those pocket books. So, I figured lets BRING BACK "BROKE AS A JOKE"!! From now until February 2015 you can purchase an 8-Hour Day Block at a reduced price of only $300!! You can purchase as many of these Day Blocks as you want but must be purchased before February 1st 2015 and can only be used on Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and/or Thursday's. This 8-hour Day Block is from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Be sure to give us a call to schedule your session date(s).

Head on over to our "Specials!" page or click the link below to take advantage of this limited time discount!


Broke As A Joke! - weekday special


Our "Broke As A Joke" is a discounted 8-hour Day Block and ONLY applies to:

  • Tuesday's
  • Wednesday's
  • Thursday's

The Day Block runs from 8:00am to 4:00pm

Give us a call to schedule your session date(s)

ARC Speakes With WKU Journalist

ARC owner/producer Jon Mattingly had the pleasure speaking with a student Journalist from Western Kentucky University the other day. They talked about the local music scene, what ARC does to help local artists and current obstacles that both artists and local recording studios may face. We would like to thank Jocelyn Porter for her time and interest in hearing what ARC had to say. Check out the write up below!

American Recording Company

By: Jocelyn Porter

There are many local recording studios in Louisville, Kentucky that have a strong clientele of artists who are trying to get their music out to people in the community. American Recording Company is a private independently owned company that does have relationships with people in the record label industry although it focuses on the production aspect of the music. This recording studio works with artists from a wide variety of genres due to the vast experience of the lead producer, but many of the artists are usually recording country, rock, and contemporary Christian music because these are the genres that are popular in the Louisville area.

The locality of the American Recording Company allows it to form close relationship with its artists and even though the company just focuses on production the staff do have some knowledge about distribution and the music industry. It is unique that the record studio gives the artist advice and assistance not only about distribution, but also about the importance of performing. The staff at the studio help the artists find opportunities to perform in local venues through partnerships with “local promoters”. Distribution of music is a good way for artists to get their music out, but being able to perform in front of an engaged audience can also do a lot to help a local artist starting his/her career. Jon Mattingly, President and Lead Engineer of the American Recording Company says that, “Bands need to play out as much as possible to get their "face" in front of as many people as possible to grow a fan base,” which is why the studio also holds shows to let the artists who have been recording at the studio play.

Today with sites like YouTube and SoundCloud artists and smaller labels seem to put a lot of focus on the distribution aspect of the music industry because it is cheaper to do now, but I agree with Mattingly that having a fan base is really important. An artist can put his/her music videos and songs on YouTube, but unless people know to look for them they won’t get as many views so I think this method of performing along with handing out CDs or putting the music online is very effective. However, distribution is still important so American Recording Company does give its artists promotions every once in a while by mentioning their new projects on the studio website or in commercials.

Mattingly also discussed problems that local bands and recording studios are facing as they try to compete in the music industry. As mentioned before, performances are a major way that bands can get their music out and get exposure, but people don’t go out to concerts as much anymore. Also they aren’t buying albums, as much so that source of revenue and distribution for local bands and artists isn’t really available. Concerts are really important to the artists, but also benefit recording studios that continue to record for the same local bands as they become more successful and decide to pursue other projects.

Overall I don’t think the competitiveness of the music industry today has limited the creativity or efforts of the American Recording Company. The recording studio likes to work with local artists and uses its own contacts in the promotion industry to help them get shows so they can get their music out. Distribution is important, but so is having a dedicated fan base to follow you and I think American Recording Company gets this message across to their artists helping them to become more successful. 

New Website

Welcome to our new website! The site is still under construction but for now have a look around and keep checking back in for updates. We have lots of new adventures coming in for the new year so stay tuned in!!

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