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These are the guys whos brain you want to pick when it comes to studio tech. They know their stuff.

Chris Lewis Media: Voice Over Productions


Jon is one of those rare sound engineers that understands how to make an artist feel comfortable and bring out their natural sound. My son recorded some of his first songs at ARC and he now has music on iTunes and has appeared on an MTV reality show that featured his music. Even with all of his recent experience in various recording studios in Atlanta, the recordings at ARC with Jon are the best at capturing his acoustic sound.

 - Jefferson Browne Gresham Architects


I have had several recording sessions with ARC. Each session was not only a new experience but also a learning opportunity. It really helps to put things in perspective to see how things operate behind the scenes. Jon is very personable which added to the already comfortable environment. 

- Rick Caruso


American Recording Company is fueled by passion and commitment.

 - Three Moon Isis, LLC


Great guy at the helm and they produce great products. 

Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards


Had such a great time recording at ARC. The equipment and facilities are top notch and even better than that was how accommodating and knowledgeable everyone was. Outstanding experience from start to finish, will definitely be back! Thanks guys!

Jimmy C.


Jon took the time and care to help me make the vision for my record a reality. He is very patient, extremely knowledgeable, and you can tell he loves his work. The equipment, space, and professionalism at ARC are top notch. If you're looking to get the production value that will make listeners take you seriously, ARC is definitely the place to go.

- Tony M.


Great experience! This is a very professional place and Jon will make sure your end product is exactly what you want. Jon answers any questions that you have and will make suggestions to help with the process (especially with beginners like me). I would strongly recommend Jon and ARC to all of my friends and anyone interested in recording! You wont be disappointed here.

Jessica J.


If you have not recorded with Jon than you are missing out. Jon has engineered for our group for several years. His studio is the best and most professional outfit in town. I refuse to record drums anywhere else but at ARC studios. We have worked with top producers and recorded at some of the largest studios such as producer Trevor Kustiak (Evans Blue) and studio Sound Emporium Nashville, TN and there is no comparison to the work that Jon does at ARC. Even if your recording at home it will pay off to have the guys at ARC take a listen and give you a price. They are affordable and can work with your budget. Look up Trust Divided's "Right through you" "From the Inside" and Welcome to the Fight" for a sample of what Jon is capable of. Hope this helps with your decision to go see Jon and Jason at ARC. TD

David P.


Very good at what he does! Lightning fast running protools while tracking. As far as producing goes when it comes to full bands, you'll be dying of anticipation to get your mastered track! The final product is always well worth the wait!! Definitely recommended to any singer/songwriter in the louisville area.

- Ian W.


Excellent customer service and easy to work with. He will go above and beyond, we look forward to working with Jon again in the near future!

Lost In E.


Great awesome atmosphere and a great guy to work with and just great quality overall!!!

Dustin J.

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